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The 77 Progression

~ 07.07.07~

Christy attended a gathering led by Lou Engle with The Call that burned inside of her the desire and marked her to see prayer and worship come alive in the city of Corsicana, TX. It began by gathering people together to simply worship and pray in different spaces and places throughout the community. Sometimes it was just her and her best friend driving around the city in the middle of the night asking God to come and bring revival to the city.

~ 07.07.17~

10 years later, Christy and her team began a partnership with Burn 24-7.  A full-time ministry was established hosting events with extended hours of worship and prayer being the priority. To see Jesus and to experience His presence in this way has been so humbling and profound. 

~ 07.07.18~

Psalm 77. The Lord began to speak to the team regarding an annual 77 hour Burn to commemorate what He has built in this community. 77 was brought to life with 4 days of continuous prayer and worship, many of us barely sleeping. People joining together in the Texas heat to cry out to the Father, to declare the worth of Jesus, to humble themselves and pray. So many lives have been changed, touched and brought back to life just by simply communing with God for extended hours. This was the beginning of the annual Burn 77 that continues to be a touchpoint of gathering together continuously for 77 hours.


   Throughout the last 7 years we have hosted missionaries and ministries that need a safe space to just lift up the name of Jesus and be present with Him. We have served them with a place to rest, food and to simply have fellowship with each other in the presence of God.  We have traveled as a Mobile Burn Unit to other states and countries to lift up His name and to support other ministries that desire to build an altar of worship and prayer. We have sent out missionaries to the nations to share the gospel of Jesus.  It has looked like a beautiful tapestry of the KINGDOM. The birthing of the the 77 co. is a culmination of being a part of what He is doing here on the earth as it is in heaven. We are so honored and deeply privileged to be a vibrant community running hard after the ONE who is Worthy. Jesus, we must have you. 

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